Master of Science in Pharmacology

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Master of Science in Pharmacology

The MS in Pharmacology program is designed for recent graduates and professionals interested in a career in clinical pharmacology, specializing in clinical trials. This 30 - 36 credit program offers coursework in pharmacology, toxicology, and biostatistics, as well as training in the conduct of clinical trials. Students complete a culminating experience through a practicum or research study with a partnering clinical research site. Graduates holding a doctorate (MD, DO, PharmD, PhD, etc.) may seek careers as clinical investigators, research scientists, or medical affairs specialists in the pharmaceutical industry, clinical research organizations, or academic medical centers. Graduates at the master's level may find rewarding clinical research career opportunities in clinical trials administration, project management, quality assurance, and pharmaceutical sales. This program is appropriate for pharmacists, physicians, nurse practitioners, nurses, other healthcare practitioners, as well as those having completed a B.S. or graduate degree in the pharmaceutical sciences or other bioscience-related field. 

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Campus Requirements: 
NONE — 100% Online

Sample Courses


Biomedical Research Ethics

Examination of importance of ethics in research concerning advanced biomedical sciences-ethnologies, public regulation, and more.
BCP/PHR 5700

Introduction to Personalized Therapeutics and Pharmacogenomics

Exploration of the trend to therapy tailored to the individual patient rather than "one drug fits all;" inter-individual differences in drug responses, with emphasis on genetic and genomic factors; ethical regulatory and economic issues that impact drug therapies.
PHR 7584

Applied Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics

Introduction to basic and advanced concepts in pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics, and pharmacology for clinical investigators and other research professionals participating in the conduct of clinical trials.

Research Applications of Clinical Pharmacology

Application of basic and advanced concepts in pharmacology to contemporary research literature to solidify understanding of the pharmacologic principles underlying the individualization of drug therapy and contemporary drug development. Fundamentals of clinical pharmacology for the development, evaluation, and clinical use of pharmaceutical products.

Featured Faculty

Director of the Pharmacoanalytical Shared Resource, OSU Comprehensive Cancer Center
Associate Professor, College of Medicine, Dept. of Biological Chemistry and Pharmacology
Associate Director of the Center for Pharmacogenomics and Director of the Clinical Pharmacology Fellowship, OSU College of Medicine
Assistant Professor of Pharmacy Practice

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