Mitch A. Phelps, PhD

Director of the Pharmacoanalytical Shared Resource, OSU Comprehensive Cancer Center
B.A. in Physics, Ohio Wesleyan University
M.A. in Business Management, Labor and Human Resources, The Ohio State University
Ph.D in Biophysics, The Ohio State University

Mitch A. Phelps, PhD is Director of the OSU Comprehensive Cancer Center Pharmacoanalytical Shared Resource, which supports pharmacokinetic (PK)/pharmacodynamic (PD) study design and conduct for pre-clinical and clinical drug development. Dr. Phelps has directed PK/PD studies in preclinical disease models and in early phase clinical trials for nearly ten years.  His research group focuses on development of small molecule and oligonucleotide anticancer and immune-modulatory agents here at OSU, using statistical modeling and simulation of PK/PD data to understand how genetic and other factors contribute to differences in therapy outcomes among individuals.  Dr. Phelps is an associate professor in the College of Pharmacy Division of Pharmaceutics and Pharmaceutical Chemistry and in the College of Medicine Department of Pharmacology.

Research Interests

Preclinical Disease

Early Phase Clinical Trials

Development of Small Molecule and Oligonucleotide Anticancer and Immune Agents


  • 2005 Outstanding Graduate Student Award. .
  • 2003-2004 Predoctoral Fellowship. .
  • 2004 Predoctoral Fellowship. .
  • 2003 Ray Travel Award. .
  • 2001 Hazel Brown Teaching Award. .

Journal Articles


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