Financial Aid

Learn more about your financial aid options

Students in the majority of Ohio State's online programs are eligible to apply for financial aid. However, students are advised to contact their program to verify it qualifies for aid before applying. There are many factors in determining eligibility for financial aid, such as State Authorization. This means that Ohio State must be legally authorized in the student's state of residency prior to offering financial aid.

Ohio State participates in federal and state financial aid programs to assist students in meeting their educational expenses. To begin the process for financial aid consideration, students must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, commonly known as the FAFSA. Be sure to include Ohio State University's school code of 003090.  

While students do not have to be admitted to the university to submit the FAFSA, they must be admitted into the program in order to receive a Student Aid Report. If students qualify, this letter will estimate the amount of aid they are eligible for, which may include Federal Direct Loans along with privately funded loans or scholarships applicable to the online program.

For more information regarding financial aid eligibility, requirements, or to file the current year's FAFSA, see Student Financial Aid at Ohio State.

Veterans Administration Educational Benefits

A student or student's spouse who currently serve or have retired from the military, may be able to receive funding. Use of the GI Bill® is available upon completion of military service. For students who are on active duty, tuition assistance may be available from the military. 

Review our GI Bill® Guide to help you navigate this process and verify your GI Bill® eligibility. 

For more information regarding veteran’s admissions or for questions regarding financial assistance, contact Military and Veterans Services.