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What does it mean to earn your degree online from Ohio State?

It means gaining a world-class education, no matter where in the world you're located. It means learning from industry experts, and then becoming an expert yourself. Ohio State Online is an opportunity to surround yourself with other students who are looking to push the boundaries of their future success.

Read more about what it's like to learn online from Ohio State from the people who've been there.

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Emily Caudill, Master of Healthcare Innovation graduate
Emily Caudill
"The program is a journey. From clinical to administrative, I’m learning how to change the healthcare industry for the benefit of the patient."
Headshot of Michael Moore, who earned his welding engineering master's degree from Ohio State online
Michael Moore
"The Master of Science in Welding Engineering program is looked upon as the absolute top-tier program in the industry. The knowledge base that you gain at Ohio State is second to none. "
Nicole Winter
Nicole Winter
"I am already implementing some of the strategies in my teaching practice, and, as a result, my lessons are more engaging and enriching for my students."
Larry Martin
Larry Martin
"I’ve made lasting relationships. I still meet my former classmates to discuss processes, improvements and research that we are conducting."
Brittany Jeter
Brittany Jeter
"The online RN-BSN program fits the needs of a full-time nurse, and the understanding faculty worked with me to make sure that I got the support I needed."
Raejean Johnson
Raejean Johnson
"I have gained useful knowledge that is proving helpful in securing a position as an engineering leader in my company."
Online health science degree student Chloe Chadwick-Lawton strikes a pose at a football game.
Chloe Lawton-Chadwick
"The online program is very comparable to what I experienced in-person. We all participate and collaborate. It’s very interactive."
Randall Moore
Randall Moores
"My ultimate goal for the Master in Plant Health Management is to better manage my family farm."
Torres headshot
Lynnette Torres
"This program has allowed me to explore my own identity as an educator, a creator, a Latinx woman and an ally which has grown my desire to help others find their own connections with self through the exploration and making of art."