Master of Clinical Research

College of Nursing, College of Pharmacy, College of Medicine

Develop your expertise in clinical research.

Cultivate your skillset in clinical research through enrollment in the online Master of Clinical Research program. The program's course work will prepare you with the strategies and experience needed to excel as an effective administrator, regulatory compliance specialist or research team member in clinical research.

This program offers a multidisciplinary curriculum taught by faculty across the Colleges of Pharmacy, Medicine and Nursing. Course offerings include topics such as medical product development and regulation, clinical research site and study management, and regulatory strategy and clinical trial reporting. 

As a graduate of this program, you will have acquired the skills and knowledge necessary to conduct, manage and regulate clinical trials. Ohio State welcomes applicants with any undergraduate degree. Previously, students with degrees in the social sciences, nursing, public health, business, biology and other health-related disciplines have successfully been admitted to this program.

Campus Requirements: 
NONE — 100% Online
Larry Martin
Larry Martin
Program Graduate
"I’ve made lasting relationships. I still meet my former classmates to discuss processes, improvements and research that we are conducting."

Program Tracks

Clinical Research Management

This specialization focuses on the management of systems and processes in the conduct of clinical trials to prepare graduates to lead complex national and international clinical research operations. Graduates of this track will have attained the skills to work as Clinical Research Coordinators (CRCs) or Clinical Research Associates (CRAs) representing the study sponsor or investigation site and to advance their careers as clinical research administrators.

Regulatory Affairs

This specialization emphasizes the assurance of the safe and effective medical product development and use throughout the product life cycle through regulatory oversight and strategy. Graduates from this track will have the skills to interpret FDA and international agencies' regulations and guide regulatory strategy and operations. Regulatory compliance professionals work in many settings, including government, industry, clinical research organizations, and academic institutions. ​​​

Sample Courses


Responsible Conduct of Research

Concepts and policies for the responsible conduct of research, Institutional Review Boards, and dissemination of findings.

Fundamentals of Medical Product Development and Regulation Affairs

Function of clinical research in medical product development and the regulatory process of new medical products. Laws and regulations concerning the development, testing, commercialization and total product life cycle for medical products. Regulations governing the conduct of clinical research, including study sponsors, investigators and Institutional Review Boards.
Nursing/Pharmacy 7782

Clinical Research Design and Methods

Study of research design and methods used in clinical research. Measurement issues, bias and confounding, statistical considerations, evaluation of published clinical research designs, and protocol and proposal development.

Clinical Research Study and Site Management

Fundamental principles of clinical research operations from study site selection to study closure from the perspective of sponsors and clinical research sites including an introduction to database design, management, quality assurance and reporting for site and sponsor operations.

Featured Faculty

Mary Raber Johnson
Assistant Professor of Clinical Pharmacy
Esther Chipps
Clinical Nurse Scientist and Director of Nursing Research, OSU Health System
Carolynn Thomas Jones
Faculty Lead, Master of Applied Clinical and Preclinical Research, College of Nursing

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