Online Learner Sets out to Change the World of Healthcare

Emily Caudill - Master of Healthcare Innovation Student

Emily Caudill, a student in the Master of Healthcare Innovation (MHI) program online at The Ohio State University, always had one goal in life: to help people in whatever way she could through healthcare. This mission guided her towards serving in the Peace Corps in Lesotho, Africa where she educated many on HIV and prevention methods. Eventually, Caudill made her way back to the States and saw her need to help people was still as strong as ever.

“When I first got back, I started work in a couple retail companies but soon realized that I really missed having that greater purpose of helping people. My major was in health communications, I was a health volunteer and I wanted to get back into the healthcare field,” Caudill said.

That is when Caudill found herself enrolling in Ohio State’s Masters of Healthcare Innovation online program. She knew the MHI program would help her live out her life-long mission.

“I chose the Master of Healthcare Innovation program because of its partnership with the Wexner Medical Center. I really like that it is an academic medical center with a focus on research. It’s the best hospital in the state,” she said. “The United States has one of the most expensive healthcare systems in the world. America as a whole has some of the sickest people in a developed country. We need to do better. We need to figure out how to change healthcare.”

Throughout the program, Caudill has already met so many different people who have opened her eyes to the many professions in the healthcare field from administrative to clinical. The broad range of healthcare backgrounds that her classmates come from have taught her so much about the opportunities that are available to her once she completes the MHI program.

“The Master of Healthcare Innovation program is a journey and I’m on it with about 40 other people whose mission in life is also to help people. We are learning how the healthcare system works and how it all connects. From clinical to administrative, I am learning how to change the healthcare industry for the benefit of the patient.”

Caudill is able to live out her life-long mission through the Master of Healthcare Innovation program at Ohio State online. Learn more about this program and many more at Ohio State Online