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The Online Master of Arts in Art Education program at Ohio State is geared toward art educators who want to change their thinking and the world through artmaking and education. Through our program, you will think differently about what art education is and what art educators do. You will make new connections – between students and faculty, between art-making and teaching, between research and practice. You will redefine your practice as you expand art education beyond the classroom walls and even globally.

Campus Requirements: 
NONE — 100% Online
Nicole Winter
Nicole Winter
Art Education Graduate
"I am already implementing some of the strategies in my teaching practice, and, as a result, my lessons are more engaging and enriching for my students."

Sample Courses

ARTEDUC 7000.1

Concepts, Theories, and Issues in Art Education

Review of analytical reading and writing; overview of topics for art education research; graduate faculty research; national and international issues; research resources. Must be taken during the first year of graduate study.

Teaching of Studio Activities

Exploration of instructional application of various art materials for educational settings.

Curriculum Planning and Assessment in Art Education

Introduction to curriculum development including artmaking practices and assessment strategies.

Critical Analysis of Multicultural Art Education

Investigation and analysis of multicultural theories, issues, and practices for art education.

Featured Faculty

Clayton Funk
Senior Lecturer
James Sanders
Associate Professor
Shari Savage
Associate Professor/Undergraduate Education, Teaching & Assessment Chair

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