Master of Science in Welding Engineering

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The domestic and global demand for welding engineers is increasing dramatically.

Ohio State's Welding Engineering Program has a long history of supplying top-notch welding engineers to the worldwide manufacturing community. In order to expand the availability of a Welding Engineering education to a wider audience, an online M.S. Welding Engineering degree program was established in 2003. This program is designed for individuals who are working in welding engineering or a welding-related job and wish to achieve a graduate degree, or obtain graduate credit, in Welding Engineering. It is also suitable for those who wish to retrain for a welding engineering-related position.

Campus Requirements: 
NONE — 100% Online
Michael Moore headshot
Michael Moore
Welding Engineering Program Graduate
"The Master of Science in Welding Engineering program is looked upon as the absolute top-tier program in the industry. The knowledge base that you gain at Ohio State is second to none. "

Sample Courses

Weld Eng 7001

Physical Principles in Welding Processes

Study the application of physical principles in engineering of arc welding processes and equipment.
Weld Eng 7101

Welding Metallurgy I

Application of physical metallurgy principles to non-equilibrium thermo-mechanical conditions associated with welding in structural alloys and focus on carbon steels.
Weld Eng 7201

Engineering Analysis for Design and Simulation

Fundamentals of engineering analysis of heat flow, thermal and residual stresses, and fracture and fatigue with applications to design and simulation in welding and manufacturing.
Weld Eng 7301

Nondestructive Evaluation

Main concepts of Nondestructive Evaluation of materials as apply to inspections of joints and structures; principles of conventional methods, their capabilities and limitations.

Featured Faculty

Menachem Kimchi
Assistant Professor-Clinical, Materials Science Engineering
Boian Alexandrov
Research Associate Professor
John Lippold
Xun Liu
Assistant Professor of Materials Science and Engineering

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