Online Master of Science in Health and Rehabilitation Sciences

College of Medicine, School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences

Offered in Ohio State’s School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences, this online Master of Science program prepares certified health professionals and those looking to enter the health care field for expanded roles in research, teaching, administration, and professional practice.

Choose between two specialization tracks, the Research Track or the Advanced Practice Track, to customize the rehabilitation master’s degree program to match your goals of pursuing roles in research or leadership and education. The rich curriculum for either track of this online rehabilitation science degree focuses on evidence-based practice, management and leadership, research methods, and design. While attaining your master’s degree, you will also participate in collaborative experiences and comprehensive projects under mentorship. For professionals aiming to take the next step and earn their Ph.D., the Research Track provides a great foundation.

What makes this online MS in rehabilitation science program unique?

With only 30 credit hours, this online program offered by Ohio State provides an accessible path to obtaining your master’s degree in health and rehabilitation sciences.

The program also gives students the unique opportunity to tailor 16 credit hours of coursework – in either specialty track - to an area of focus that matches professional aspirations. Open electives for students in the rehabilitation master’s program include assistive technology, injury biomechanics, medical coding, and healthcare technology, many of which can be applied towards further certification in these specialized areas.

Campus Requirements: NONE – 100% Online 

Class Format: Most courses are offered asynchronously, meaning that you can attend those classes on your own time.

Credit Hours Required: 30

Cost Per Credit Hour: $812.07 (includes instructional and general fees). See the full cost breakdown here.

Admission Requirements: Bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution or international equivalent in a health profession or non-health background with clear academic and professional goals that fit within health and rehabilitation sciences. Undergraduate GPA of at least 3.0.

Time to Completion: 2-3 years

Application Deadlines: June 1, 2024 for Autumn 2024; October 1, 2024 for Spring 2025

Allison Stokes
Health and Rehabilitation Sciences Graduate
"The MS [in HRS] program was flexible and provided a great variety of coursework to choose from. I was able to customize my educational experiences to best suit my career."

Program Tracks

Research Track: This track is designed for students who want to become successful researchers in their field, with careers in industry, pre-clinical, and clinical research. The Research Track provides a great foundation of skills and experiences for those interested in pursuing a Ph.D. program and includes the opportunity to personalize elective courses.

Advanced Practice Track: The Advanced Practice Track is designed for students who want to tailor their education towards management, leadership, or teaching with the flexibility to personalize their electives to suit their interests. 

Sample Courses


Management Principles and Human Resources for Healthcare Professionals

An analysis of the management and human resources processes and its application to the healthcare setting.

Health Sciences Research: Interpretation and Applications

Overview of research in the Health Sciences. This course is intended to prepare students to be educated consumers of research and enable them to find, understand, interpret, and apply research findings in their professional practice.

Teaching and Curriculum in the Health and Rehabilitation Sciences

Provide students with theoretical background and practical training for curriculum planning in teaching and rehabilitation sciences with exposure to teaching and curricular policies and procedures.

Evidence Based Practice I: Critical Analysis of Measurement and Diagnostic Tests

Prepares students for evidence-based practice, emphasizing best practices in clinical measurements and interpretation of diagnostic reliability, validity, prediction and measures of clinically meaningful change.

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