How Do Online Classes Work?


As you prepare for the next step in your educational journey, you are probably wondering what an online classroom looks like and how online classes work. It’s completely natural to have questions – and even concerns – about online learning, especially if your previous educational experiences have been in a traditional in-person class setting. In this article, we'll explore how online classes actually work and what online classes look like at Ohio State. Still have questions? Reach out for more information about earning your degree online at Ohio State.


What are online classes like?

You may have heard that online classes can be disorganized or isolating for students. But that’s not the case at Ohio State! Our instructors design their online classes to use technology as a benefit, not a hurdle to overcome. Ohio State professors also work with our expert online course designers, known as instructional designers, who can help them transform their course material for an online format. 

Most Ohio State online classes are offered in an asynchronous format. In an asynchronous course, work is completed on your own time within a certain timeframe. Some online programs are offered in a synchronous format. In a synchronous course, students will virtually attend a class session each week at the same time as their instructors and classmates.



What does asynchronous and synchronous online learning actually look like?




What is the Canvas learning management system?

For online students at Ohio State, CarmenCanvas is the room where it happens. Carmen is a learning management system where students can virtually attend lectures, complete readings, submit homework or quizzes and interact with their professors and classmates.

Don’t just take our word for it. Preview an online class at Ohio State for free using CarmenCanvas. In the online course demo, you’ll explore a realistic course environment and get a behind-the-scenes look at CarmenCanvas, Ohio State’s learning management system. You’ll also find tips and strategies for learning online, advice from current online instructors, and insider tips from current online students.


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Last modified: 
September 23, 2021