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Tuition and Fee General Information

A great investment and a great value.

Paying for college is a big financial commitment. At Ohio State, the credentials you earn will be from one of the top public universities in the country and earning your credential online makes it a great value as well as a great investment in your future.

Tuition varies by program and the number of credits you’re enrolled in. Find tuition rates on the registrar’s website. No matter if you are an in-state or out-of-state student, all United States residents and graduate students (international or U.S. residents) enrolled in our distance education courses pay in-state tuition rates. You’ll pay an additional $100 (Ohio residents) or $105 (non-residents) distance fee per term and any program-specific fees. International undergraduate students will also be assessed a $500 fee per term. Graduate international students will not be charged this fee. Site-based fees, such as the recreational fee and COTA bus service, do not apply to distance students.

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Program-Specific Tuition and Fee Information

To help you gather an estimate of the total costs, select your program from the drop-down menu below.

Note that other fees may apply for dropped courses, late payments, re-enrollments, student health insurance, etc. Additionally, programs that require internship, practicum, clinical, orientations, study abroad, or other on-site components may have additional fees and non-resident charges during the applicable semester. For full fee information visit the registrar’s website.  To explore Financial Aid options and information visit the Student Financial Aid website.

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Master of Science in Welding Engineering

The table below estimates a total cost for the completion of the degree program, including both university and program-specific fees.  

Estimates are based upon the 30-credit Master of Science in Welding Engineering program, which can be completed in roughly 8 semesters as a part-time student (1-2 courses per semester). Estimates below are based on completion in 8 semesters. For more information on the courses and curriculum visit the department’s page. You might also reference the Total Cost Calculation Guide for help in making your own calculations based on your own degree completion plan.

University Cost Estimates

Fee Cost
Application Fee*Ohio State alumni qualify for an application fee waiver. Visit for more information. $60
Acceptance Fee $100

Program Cost Estimates

Fee Cost Total cost for part-time student *

Estimates above are based on completion of 30 credits in eight semesters as a part-time student. Actual costs and length of time will vary.

Instructional Fees (Tuition) $722.50/credit $21,675
General Fee $23/credit $690
Distance Learning Fee $100/semester $800
Non-Resident Surcharge $5/semester (non-Ohio residents only) $40 (non-Ohio residents only)

Additional Program Costs

cost fee
Textbook/Course Materials $50 avg. per course (varies by course)

Proctoring **Testing is done by means of a proctor--typically an employee in the student's company--who oversees the integrity of the testing and forwards the test materials to the course instructor. Details will be provided by the course instructor. Please have the contact information for the proctor ready to provide to the instructor prior to the first day of class. If no proctor is available through the student’s place of business then proctoring charges may apply.



Total Cost Estimates

Residency Total cost for part-time student *Estimates above are based on completion of 30 credits in eight semesters as a part-time student. Actual costs and length of time will vary.
Ohio Residents $23,165
Non-Ohio Residents $23,205

The total program costs are estimates and are not final or binding. Program costs are based on standard fees, but fees may vary based on the actual classes taken.  The Ohio State University disclaims any liability arising from the use of or reliance upon these program cost estimates by any person.  Program costs are subject to change without notice.