Esther Chipps

Esther Chipps, PhD, RN

Associate Professor of Clinical Nursing, Clinical Nurse Scientist and Director of Nursing Research, OSU Health System

Esther Chipps, PhD, RN is the Clinical Nurse Scientist and Director of Nursing Research at the Ohio State University Health System.  Dr. Chipps is responsible for directing the program of nursing research for the nursing staff.  In addition to facilitating the bedside clinical research projects of staff nurses and advance practice nursing staff, she is responsible for developing multidisciplinary research teams throughout the Health System.  Her specific research interests are focused in two areas:  developing evidenced-based oral care in hospitalized patients and clinician decision making related to the prevention of hospital errors.  Dr Chipps is a Clinical Associate Professor and Chief of Clinical Research Operations at The Ohio State University College of Nursing.

Areas of Expertise

Nursing Research 

Research Interests

Patient Safety

Oral Care in Hospitalized Patients


Journal Articles


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