Are Online Degrees Respected?


Whether you are busy raising kids, swamped with a full-time job, or cannot justify the commute to campus, there are many reasons why an online degree could be the right option for you. As the world around us is constantly changing, growing, and adjusting, college degrees are no exception. Where an in-person college experience was the norm in the past, online degrees and e-learning are becoming increasingly popular. However, many students are asking the same questions: Are online degrees respected? Are online degrees respected by employers as much as an on-campus degree? 

Even though online degrees are much more common in current times, you might still be apprehensive about a new method of learning. Some students worry that there will be a disconnect between their professors and fellow classmates. Here at Ohio State, an online degree is an Ohio State degree. Your degree will be the same as if you were an on-campus student. And to reflect that, you receive the same level of support and quality of education as your on-campus counterparts.


How Do I Choose the Best Online Degree for My Career?

One way to find the correct program for you is to consider the program's learning mode. Would you prefer fully asynchronous learning, or would you prefer a more hands-on approach with more interaction, such as in a synchronous program? In addition, doing research and thinking about your own education goals are necessary to find a college fit for you.

You can easily find rankings of the best online degrees across the country to give you more guidance on quality programs. For instance, U.S. News & World Report ranked Ohio State among the top 10 in the nation for many of its online bachelor's programs. However, quality and cost are not the only elements that you will be comparing between programs. You should also look at the accreditation of the school, as well as whether you will be able to balance your workload with other responsibilities. While choosing a degree that is right for you can be intimidating, there are tips and tricks to narrow down your search. 


Do Employers Respect Online Degrees?

In this era of online learning, more students are considering virtual options. Ohio State had 5,160 students enrolled in online programs in 2021. With the rising number of online students comes a rising number of employee hired with online degrees. However, do employers respect online degrees?

Ben Hazen is no newcomer when it comes to the world of online education. Ben received one of his three master’s degrees fully online. He now teaches an online MBA course at Mississippi State University, is a visiting professor at the University of Dayton, and is also the Chief Integration Officer at PW Communications. In addition, Ben was a sponsor of one of the first capstone projects for the online Master of Translational Data Analytics program here at Ohio State.

“In reality, it really depends on the school and the type of degree,” Ben stated about the quality of online degrees. He also emphasized pairing your online degrees with other credentials or experiences, which will stand out to employers. Ben mentioned that he has never had any trouble finding a job with his online degree and that many times, hiring managers did not realize that his degree was obtained fully online. 


How to List an Online Degree on a Resume

Creating a resume can be overwhelming and you may not know how to list your online degree properly. However, Master of Learning Technologies student Elizabeth Trolli says it’s simple: Market your online degree just like an on-campus degree. Instead of focusing on the listing of an online degree on your resume, highlight the skills you have obtained from online learning during the interview process.  

“The focus should be more on how you were able to integrate your concepts and learning into your position or leverage that into your career and possible career advancements,” Elizabeth stated. If you need help finding a starting point, Ohio State offers many resume guides. 


Can You Get a Job with an Online Degree?

In short, yes! You can absolutely get a job using an online degree. Some aspects may heighten your chances of receiving your dream position, such as the accreditation of the college, student success rates, faculty credentials, as well as if they are affiliated with a brick-and-mortar campus, and more. Luckily, Ohio State excels at all these characteristics. As an accredited, non-profit, brick-and-mortar college with a large portfolio of online programs, Ohio State produces some of the most highly sought-after graduates, according to a survey by Times Higher Education. Overall, employers will be less concerned with how you earned your degree and more concerned with where. Depending on the school you attended, an online degree can absolutely be respected and accepted by employers. Earning an online degree shows time management skills, work ethic, and a desire to better yourself, which are all valuable strengths to take into the workplace.

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Last modified: 
August 15, 2022