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Advance your career with the online MLT to MLS program

The 100% online MLT to Bachelor of Science in Medical Laboratory Science is a degree completion program that allows working Medical Laboratory Technicians to complete their bachelor's degree in medical laboratory sciences in a way that fits into their busy schedules. This online MLT to MLS program provides students with the opportunity to advance their education and career in areas like microbiology, clinical chemistry, hematology, immunology, body fluids and transfusion medicine. Medical Laboratory Scientists perform clinical laboratory testing and communicate their significant findings to physicians and other healthcare providers. Students will acquire the skills necessary to perform accurate diagnoses, provide effective treatment, and deliver comprehensive patient care.

The online MLT to MLS program offers a flexible learning experience without compromising the quality of education, ensuring that students receive the same education as they would in a traditional classroom setting. Courses are offered asynchronously and are taught by the same NAACLS-accredited faculty that teach on campus, ensuring a high-quality education that meets rigorous standards. Upon completion of the Medical Laboratory Science degree, students will be prepared to sit for the MLS certification exam through Route 2 eligibility.  

Campus Requirements: 100% online 

Class Format: Asynchronous - meaning you can complete coursework each week on your own schedule. 

Credit Hours Required: To graduate and receive your diploma, a minimum of 120 credits is necessary, including the requirement to complete 30 credits at Ohio State for establishing residency. Successful completion of residency requirements is essential for graduation approval and receiving your diploma.

Students who obtained an associate degree from another institution can request an evaluation of their courses via the Program Prerequisite Evaluation Form. You can also explore course equivalences by reviewing the information provided on the Transferology site. 

Cost Per Credit Hour: $514.58 (includes instructional and general fees). 

Admission Requirements: GPA of 2.50 or higher, completed all prerequisite courses* and the online application, proof of MLT Certification in good standing with ASCP

*Students may be admitted before completion of these courses. Courses must be completed before the Autumn semester of the second year in the professional program. 

Time to Completion: 4 semesters full-time; 6 semesters part-time 

MLT to MLS Ohio state graduate smiling in front of camera
Morgan Martin
Blood Bank Technologist
"I really enjoyed the MLS program! The professors' deep understanding of the material made it engaging, and I can directly apply the knowledge I gained in my current job in blood banking. The classes on hematology and immunology that we took will be highly beneficial in my journey to becoming a physician."

Sample Courses


Medical Laboratory Clinical Bacteriology (Asynchronous)

Introduce medical bacteriology in the aspects of fundamental epidemiology, disease transmission routes, clinical correlation of microbial diseases, as well as diagnostic tests to identify commonly encountered and clinically important bacteria.

Medical Laboratory Hematology (Asynchronous)

Theory and application of clinical laboratory procedures used to identify and evaluate the formed elements of the blood and hemostatic mechanisms. Correlation of hematological laboratory data with metabolic processes and disease states are explored.

Medical Laboratory Special Microbiology (Asynchronous)

Introduce medical mycology, parasitology, and virology in the aspects of fundamental epidemiology, disease transmission routes, clinical correlation of microbial diseases, as well as diagnostic tests to identify commonly encountered and clinically important viruses, fungi and parasites.

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