What Can I Do with an Educational Technology Master’s Degree?


As technology is continually advancing and expanding access for students worldwide, it is critical for educators to stay up to date with the latest teaching tools and methods.  

The online Master of Learning Technologies (MLT) at Ohio State teaches educators how to conduct and apply research to better support learning with technology. An educational technology master’s degree can give you the tools to adapt to new situations, gain critical thinking skills, and resolve issues on your own. In addition, there are multiple career paths open to educators with this degree, such as: 

We spoke with a current student to learn more about her educational journey and how the online educational technology master’s degree has helped her grow her career. To learn more, reach out to us directly.

Allison Schultz, a current online Master of Learning Technologies student, is using her degree to build her competencies in instructional design and explore the ways individuals learn. Allison is currently an instructional design library liaison in the Office of Technology and Digital Innovation. 

“I want to combine evidence-based instruction with my library background to help instructors develop information literacy skills in their students,” Schultz explained when asked what her goals were after graduation. Focusing on literacy is just one of the many uses of an educational technology master’s degree.

Allison also described how her time in the MLT program has given her a range of real-life skills that she has already gotten to use in her career. “I think the program’s emphasis on authentic, real-world application of learning technologies, will help me see connections between my work and educational experiences,” Schultz said. 

“I think the program’s emphasis on authentic, real-world application of learning technologies, will help me see connections between my work and educational experiences.”

- Allison Schultz

Instructional Designer

One of the most common lines of work using an educational technology master’s degree is instructional design. So, what does an instructional designer do? These individuals are tasked with overseeing curriculums and teaching standards, often within higher education. They may be responsible for developing or redesigning courses, as well as other learning materials. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, instructional coordinator openings are expected to grow by 10% from 2020 to 2030. The BLS also said that the median pay for instructional coordinators in 2021 was $63,740.  

Educational Technologist

Another option for students graduating with an educational technology master’s degree is to become an educational technologist. While instructional designers and educational technologists play similar roles, they can also have differences in their work. The main responsibilities of instructional designers are to design, manage, train, and provide support related to course development. In contrast, educational technologists focus on identifying, purchasing, and supporting technology and computer networks, as well as training instructors to use the technology.  

Technology Integration Specialist 

In addition, an educational technology master’s degree from Ohio State could land you a position as a technology integration specialist. In this role, individuals will often collaborate with educators to support, manage and optimize the use of software and network resources. Technology integration specialists work within the IT (Information Technology) team and must be able to work in a group as well as individually. 

Obtaining an educational technology master’s degree can set you up to work in a variety of different fields and roles. If you’re interested in a career in educational technology, it is important to choose the right program. Ohio State’s online graduate education programs were ranked No. 28 in the country by U.S. News & World Report for our online Educational and Instructional Media Design specialty.  

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Last modified: 
September 26, 2022