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The Master of Learning Technologies is a professional degree focused on applying current research to solving problems of practice facing the use of technology to support learning in a number of in-person, online, and blended contexts. Students will take a core sequence of seven courses, a research course, one elective course, and a practicum course.

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NONE — 100% Online

Sample Courses


Issues and Practices in Educational Technology

This course introduces students to the histories of the technologies, theories, organizations, and standards related to Learning Technologies. Students are exposed to a variety of collaboration technologies in the course and work together to author an eBook for the final project.

Introduction to Instructional Design

In this course students develop an understanding of the systematic approach to instructional design as it relates to different practices in educational technology including curriculum and product development. Students are exposed to the entire instructional process from front-end analysis to development.

Applied Instructional Design

The Applied Instructional Design course is the second in a two-course sequence. This course provides in-depth coverage of the topics from the introductory instructional design course using a project-based approach. In this course, students build on what they learned and practice applying concepts, principles, and theory to address real educational problems as part of design teams. They propose solutions through the use of learning technologies. The goal is to help people learn better in a variety of learning contexts and make a positive impact on groups and communities.

Designing Multimedia for Instruction

This course utilizes theories of cognition and learning to help students develop both design and development skills related to instructional multimedia.

Featured Faculty

Ana-Paula Correia, Associate Professor, Master of Learning Technologies Program Co-Coordinator
Associate Professor, Master of Learning Technologies Program Co-Coordinator
Kui Xie
Cyphert Distinguished Professor, Learning Technologies Program Chair
Rick Voithofer
Associate Professor, Master of Learning Technologies Program Co-Coordinator
Tracey Stuckey-Mickel
Senior Lecturer

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