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Become a nurse educator and shape the future of nursing.

Ohio State's online Doctor of Nursing Education program qualifies master’s-prepared nurses to become expert nurse educational leaders in academia or healthcare settings, such as hospitals, clinics, home care, or communities.

Students in this flexible, yet rigorous program take courses in clinical instruction, assessment, and evaluation, as well as instructional design for nursing education. The program culminates in a hands-on final project demonstrating the achievement of doctoral-level outcomes. 

Choose between the Academic Nursing Education specialization or the Nursing Professional Development specialization to customize your program to match your career goals. Whether you want to become an expert nurse educational leader in academia or healthcare, this program will prepare you to plan, implement, and evaluate the best evidence for nursing-specific instruction.

Campus Requirements: NONE – 100% online.

Class Format: Most classes are offered in a synchronous format, meaning you have a scheduled date and time you must log in to attend.

Credit Hours Required: 50

Cost Per Credit Hour: $1,158.58 (includes instructional, general, and program fees). See the full cost breakdown here.

Admission Requirements: Completed master's degree in nursing, an active RN license or APRN certification, and a minimum of a 3.0 cumulative GPA on a 4.0 scale in the last degree earned relevant to the program of study.

Time to Completion: Five semesters (2 years) of full-time study or eight semesters (3 years) of part-time study.

Program Tracks

Academic Nursing Education

The academic nursing education track is developed for nurses with earned master’s degrees who seek to teach in college or university level academic nursing programs to prepare nurses for clinical practice at all levels.

Nursing Professional Development

The nursing professional development track is targeted to masters-level nursing professional development practitioners (NDPs) who seek doctoral preparation to educate nurses in healthcare settings to enhance healthcare outcomes.

Sample Courses


Principles of Instructional Design for Nurses

Theoretical and practical approaches to creation of learning experiences for nursing and health education with an emphasis on backward design and evidence-based instructional design strategies.

Policy, Ethics, and Legal Considerations in Nursing Education

Principles of policy-making at the institutional, local, state, and federal levels to influence policy change affecting nursing education and health care with incorporation of ethical and legal considerations. Role of regulation and legislation related to nursing education and practice.

Innovation in Nursing Practice and Education

This course will address the trends in healthcare initiatives as they pertain to best educational practices. The student will learn how innovation and technology may be utilized to address these initiatives.

Publication and Grant Writing in Nursing Education

Provides an opportunity for socialization of students into doctoral work related to scholarly writing. This course will provide practical approaches for integrating and synthesizing theoretical content from previous or concurrent course work in the area of nursing education or special interest for publication.

Featured Faculty

Tara O'Brien
DNE Co-Director, Assistant Professor
Tara King
DNE Director, Associate Clinical Professor
Alice Teall
Instructor of Clinical Practice
Wendy Bowles
Assistant Professor of Clinical Nursing, Assistant Dean for Baccalaureate Programs

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