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College of Engineering

Ohio State's online Cybersecurity Offense and Defense Certificate prepares you to thrive in the ever-changing digital landscape where new threats arise daily. This online graduate certificate offered through the College of Engineering and Ohio State's Institute for Cybersecurity and Digital Trust, focuses on strategy around cybersecurity defense and offense measures in digital systems. The fundamentals of cybersecurity are paired with lessons in applied skills you can immediately leverage in your work. Faculty experts draw from real-world experiences and techniques in this 100% online graduate certificate designed for working adults with bachelor's degrees in engineering or a related field.

This Cybersecurity Offense and Defense Certificate can be paired with the fully-online Cybersecurity Design and Implementation Certificate to further your expertise in this growing field. 

Campus Requirements: NONE – 100% online 

Class Format: Courses are offered synchronously, meaning there is a scheduled date and time you must log in to attend. Recorded lectures are available to those with work and time zone constraints. 

Credit Hours Required: 12 

Cost Per Credit Hour: $1,199.88 (includes instructional and general fees). See the full cost breakdown here. 

Admission Requirements: Bachelor's degree in engineering or other STEM fields. 

Time to Completion: 2-4 semesters 

What You'll Learn: Cybersecurity attack and defense strategies, cryptography, game theory, reverse engineering techniques, secure coding principles and practices, and mathematical formulations of security goals.  

Sample Courses

ECE 5561

Introduction to Cybersecurity (Required)

This course covers the history of cybersecurity, cybersecurity frameworks, cyberattacks and countermeasures and cybersecurity risk management.
CSE 5472

Information Security (Required)

The course covers an introduction to security of digital information; threats and attacks; regulations; risk management; attack detection and response; cryptography; forensics; technical training and certifications.
CSE 5474

Software Security (Required)

This course covers software security fundamentals, secure coding principles and practices, common software vulnerabilities, memory exploits (shell code), vulnerability discovery (e.g., fuzzing and symbolic execution), and defenses against common vulnerability exploitation.
CSE 5477.01

Offensive Security (Elective)

This course will give students an overview of existing offensive computing techniques, which include well known attacks that break confidentiality, integrity and availability of computing resources. Attacks targeting human weaknesses without taking special care to security will also be discussed.

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