Advanced Chemistry Knowledge for Educators Certificate

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Are you ready to deepen your chemistry knowledge and advance your teaching career? The Advanced Chemistry Knowledge for Educators Certificate is designed for teachers seeking to improve their pedagogical content knowledge to support their teaching of College Credit Plus (CCP) courses. This 100% online graduate certificate program consists of four graduate courses, totaling 18 graduate credit hours, that are entirely asynchronous, and scheduled throughout the year in half or full semester offerings.

The program's supportive environment builds on your existing knowledge and experiences, while the flexible curriculum allows you to choose your own path to complete course modules, prepare lesson plans and write reflection papers. 

If you are eager to improve your own instruction, find resources to use with your students, and deepen your content knowledge, this program is for you.

Campus Requirements: 
NONE — 100% Online
Time to Completion: 
4 semesters

Sample Courses

CHEM 6086

Atomic Structure, Energy, and Quantum Mechanics

Topics from the first half of the first semester of General Chemistry, including scientific measurement and error analysis, the historical underpinnings of atomic structure leading to a quantum mechanical model, and thermodynamics and student conceptions, and misconceptions, of energy.
CHEM 6087

States of Matter and Bonding Models

Topics from the second half of the first semester of General Chemistry including: electron structure and periodic properties of atoms, bonding models, including Lewis structures, valence bond theory, and molecular orbital theory, and intermolecular forces, ideal and real gases, liquids, and solids
CHEM 6088

Kinetics, Thermodynamics, and Equilibrium

Content from the second semester of General Chemistry: Topics pertaining to equilibrium, such as solubility and acid-base chemistry will be investigated and described using kinetic and thermodynamic-based explanations.
CHEM 6089

Modern Applications and Instrumental Analysis

Content from the second semester of General Chemistry, including lab: Topics are discussed with emphasis on modern applications, including electrochemistry and energy storage, nuclear chemistry, materials, and leading approaches involving instrumental analysis. Connections are made between these topics and potential laboratory experiments.

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