What Can You Do with a Master’s Degree in Art Education?


The  online Master of Arts in Art Education  is designed for passionate educators who want to take their teaching and artmaking to the next level. The program is made up of a diverse cohort of artists with experience in the classroom, in the museum, on the stage, and in the community. If you are passionate about sharing your love of art with others and interested in a creative job, you might consider a graduate program in art education. But you may be wondering: What types of careers does this degree lead to? What can you do with a master's in art education? Here are just a few examples: 

We spoke with current students in Ohio State's online master's program to learn what you can do with a master's degree in art education and how the program impacted each of their careers. 


Performing Artist and Studio Dance Instructor

Tatiana Piche strikes a pose in ballet attire.
Tatiana Piche in ballet attire, 2019.

Tatiana Piche is a Professional Ballet Dancer and Studio Dance Instructor. She found the art education master's degree after searching for a program that would push her creatively, both as an artist and art educator. 

"Over the years teaching in various schools and studios, I have fallen in love with the process of sharing my art and my passion for the performing arts – notably, because I have seen how the arts can empower, encourage, and give students a voice," Piche said. 


Museum Educator

Lynette Torres smiles at the camera in a colorful room.
Lynnette Torres, Education Outreach Coordinator at the Booth Western Art Museum, 2019

Lynnette Torres is the Education Outreach Coordinator at the Booth Western Art Museum in Cartersville, Georgia. In her role, she helps museum guests connect with art on a personal level and facilitates artmaking with students as part of the museum's programming. She often incorporates new concepts she learned in her graduate program at Ohio State to her day-to-day work in the museum. 

This program has allowed me to explore my own identity as an educator, a creator, a Latinx woman and an ally which has grown my desire to help others find their own connections with self through the exploration and making of art," Torres said.


Elementary School Art Teacher

Brittany Schwarck poses with a student outside Blacklick Elementary School.
Brittany Schwarck and student outside Blacklick Elementary School, 2019.

Brittany Schwarck has been an Elementary Art Teacher for six years and felt ready to further her education, using her real-world experiences as a lens with which to view her graduate course work. She says that a big benefit of the online format of the master's in art education program is the ability to immediately  implement  and experiment with new ideas in her own classroom.

"I felt that through my own artmaking within this program, I walked away feeling empowered and inspired by my own work. I strive to help my students feel the same way," Schwarck said. 

As you can see, earning your master’s in art education online can lead to diverse career opportunities. Although becoming an art teacher may be the first thing that comes to mind when you hear “art education,” this flexible online degree can be customized to prepare you for whatever creative career you choose. 

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Last modified: 
September 10, 2020