Part of what distinguishes our online programs at The Ohio State University is our focus on faculty. The exceptional instructors that teach our online courses are also teaching in classrooms across campus. These educators are passionate about students and invested in your educational experience.

Are you interested in developing skills in clinical trial design and clinical pharmacology?

Balancing your time between family, your full-time job, volunteering and other work can be a daunting task. Despite having career dreams and goals, you might think adding education to the mix could tip the balance beyond control.

Have you heard that online learning can be an isolating experience? Maybe you’re nervous you won’t get to know your instructors or fellow classmates. You might feel like you’ll miss out on networking opportunities that would be available in a face-to-face class.

The time has come! You’ve applied, been admitted and now are getting ready to begin your first class as an Ohio State Online student. But before jumping into online learning, it’s important that you understand the basic dos and don’ts of the online classroom.

Getting Started

Our online Master of Social Work program focuses not only on the experience you'll have in the classroom, but also outside the classroom. You'll receive a quality academic experience, as well as the support you need to apply what you learn and feel a part of the Buckeye community.

Imagine you’re an on-campus student and you need help with writing a paper. What would you do? You might schedule an in-person appointment with someone from the Writing Center for help. Now, let’s imagine this same scenario except you’re an online student.

The middle of the semester comes around and you know what that means: midterms. You’ve put in hours of study time, emailed you professor to clarify things you don’t understand, and you’re finally ready to sit down and ace your exam. It’s time to use one of The Ohio State University’s proctoring solutions.

As an online student, you will receive the same valuable education as those who are on-the-ground. The Ohio State University is taking action to ensure the academic integrity of our online programs during every step of your Buckeye experience. ranked The Ohio State University's online Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences degree program the 4th most affordable health sciences degree. 


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