Three of The Ohio State University’s online degree programs have been named among the nation’s best by U.S. News & World Report in the 2016 rankings

Our program was ranked #1 overall among the nation's top 50 online Bachelor of Science in Nursing programs. 

Ohio State is officially a SARA member. Translation? More opportunity for our online programs to reach students outside of Ohio. Less risk due to state authorization regulations. Fewer fees to offer our programs nationally.

The Unizin consortium offers Ohio State exciting opportunities in the realm of digital education. Watch this video describing how a community of schools came together and demanded that education comes first in what has, until now, been an industry driven by corporations.

All Ohio State students are now eligible for free Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus through Microsoft’s Student Advantage program. 

Fostering meaningful connections in a purely online environment presents a new set of challenges for instructors. While teaching an in-person traditional course, one educator stumbled upon the power a pup brings to increasing student engagement.

Maintaining academic integrity is a priority whether the students are in a traditional classroom or online. Establishing secure online testing involves strategies that specifically address any difficulties or disadvantages of the online testing environment, without compromising student privacy.

While the state authorization team feverishly works to gain authorization approvals for Ohio State, each application presents a new set of unique challenges. Although approvals serve primarily online programs, some states requires information that goes beyond just distance education.

The Ohio State University College of Engineering is ranked 16th nationwide in providing the best online engineering master’s programs for veterans, according to U.S. News & World Report.

Higher education institutions, both public and private, from across the country are racing to create a variety of online programs to keep pace with the increasing demand for online learning.


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