Assessing Your Readiness to Start an Online Program

Ohio State Online Course Demo

Whether you are coming from secondary school or looking to advance your career, the modern classroom has changed in recent years. Online programs are more prevalent than ever, and the habits you developed as a traditional student may not necessarily translate to success in an online setting.

Students who have not taken an online course in the past may be surprised to discover these programs are just as challenging as an in-person class. Fortunately, The Ohio State University has the tools and resources to help you envision yourself in an online program, prior to applying.

The Online Readiness Tool is a survey that gauges if you are prepared for higher education in an online setting and what can be expected from the Ohio State experience. The assessment helps you consider areas of strength and opportunity for growth with helpful tips and videos along the way. Once completed, you receive a summary of your self-assessment across time management, study habits and more, along with feedback on how to improve your online readiness.

The assessment results can be daunting, but it is meant to bring awareness to areas of self-improvement and not deter you from pursuing your goals. Advisors for each online program are always happy to help and walk you through any concerns you may have.

Additionally, the Ohio State Online Course Demo gives you an inside look at what your online courses could look like. Though each online course is different, this demonstration offers a peek at how the learning management systems appear as well as the available functions. Prospective students are given access to explore the Home, Modules and Library Link to give you a chance to see what it’s like to be in an online class.

Once you’re ready to start your educational journey, check out the many online programs offered at Ohio State Online.

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