Networking in Your Online Program

Headshot of April Green.

Knowledge + confidence + industry relationships = the online experience at The Ohio State University

Have you heard that online learning can be an isolating experience? Maybe you’re nervous you won’t get to know your instructors or fellow classmates. You might feel like you’ll miss out on networking opportunities that would be available in a face-to-face class.

April Green, a student in our online Master of Clinical Research (MCR) program, not only gained the skills and knowledge she wanted for her career, but she also made transformative connections.

“A friend from work was going to a presentation about the MCR program, so I thought I would just tag along,” Green said. “I was already working in clinical research, but I thought the management track could help me advance in my career and enhance my skills.”

Green currently serves as a Regulatory Manager for a clinical trials office. She manages a team of 15 regulatory compliance officers and one research assistant.

“The program has helped me meet a lot of contacts, which has helped me grow my team and now I have a network of people I can go to when I might have questions about how to handle a certain situation,” Green said.

When she had a few openings on her team for regulatory compliance officers, she went straight to Margie Neidecker, Director of the MCR program, asking if she could promote the positions to students in the program.

“I’ve hired three people who have gone through the program,” Green said. “The foundation of the degree gave them a head start on what’s being asked of them in their current roles. They’ve quickly become independent. Some of them did not have prior research experience, and I’ve found that they are excelling as quickly if not more quickly than those with a background in research. It’s truly amazing the world of difference the program has made for them.” 

In addition to the program helping her grow her current team, she also gained the knowledge and skills she wanted for her own personal career growth.

“I now have more confidence that I am following the appropriate regulations and this has given me a voice to speak up when something should be done differently,” Green said. “There are a lot of fine details in clinical research and there are times, especially in the beginning, where you may ask yourself if what you are doing is the appropriate course of action. Taking the program has solidified my knowledge in research and has helped me develop skills to become an effective leader.”

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