Meeting Your Classmates from Your Online Course

You may have heard that learning online is isolating that there is no opportunity to make connections with your instructor or fellow online students because you are alone with your computer screen. Our thoughts? It's completely false.

Learning online is a rewarding experience that allows you to create opportunities to meet your fellow students and develop a great working relationship with your instructor. To make the most of your online course and meeting your fellow classmates, try these simple steps:

Use Carmen to Connect

With your online course comes the daily use of CarmenCanvas, The Ohio State University’s learning management system (LMS). Through Carmen, you will be able to use the tools that come with it to bond with your classmates and connect with your instructor. The first step to success is showing initiative! Talk more with your fellow students and get answers in real time by utilizing open-ended discussion boards.

Looking for extra help outside the classroom? Use the LMS to create face-to-face study sessions outside of class time, making it easy for you to collaborate with other students.

If you need help getting started, visit

Follow for Follow

Looking to grow your followers on social media with people you actually know? Share your social media accounts with your classmates. Whether that’s friending on Facebook, following on Twitter or connecting on LinkedIn, reaching out to your classmates on social media will help you bridge the gap between their personal and professional sides.

Pro tip: Open the People tab from your Carmen course’s home page to find a list of all of your classmates, instructors and support staff. Don’t see the People tab? Ask your professor to make it visible.

Want to get all of your classmates together in one space on social? Consider creating a group for your online course on Facebook or another social media platform.

Share Your Personal Side

Not looking to speak up in discussion boards or on your social media accounts? Add a personal touch to your assignments and introductions in the classroom. You can do simple things to give yourself an identity in your course, like adding a profile photo in Carmen and Box

When your course kicks off for the semester, take advantage of icebreakers and “getting to know you” assignments by creating a video or sharing some photos. These could include you doing what you enjoy in your free time, images of your family or of your accomplishments. Whatever you feel comfortable sharing to help show what makes you, you! Who knows  maybe you’ll meet someone who loves to do the same things as you. 

Making connections in your online course is a great way to improve your overall Buckeye experience and get the most out of your degree. The relationships you develop online could benefit you throughout your career and last your entire life.