A Meaningful Online Student Experience

 ✔ Quality online courses

 ✔ Distinguished faculty

 ✔ Career preparation

These might be a few of the expectations you have for being an online student at The Ohio State University. But, what about the support you’ll receive outside the classroom?

Our online Master of Social Work (MSW) program focuses not only on the experience you’ll have in the classroom, but also outside the classroom. You’ll receive a quality academic experience,  as well as the support you need to apply what you learn and feel a part of the Buckeye community.

Advising from a Program Student

Once you have enrolled in the online MSW program you will receive a program advisor to help with curriculum planning, career preparation, accessing student resources and more. One of the program advisors is also currently a student in the MSW program. 

“As a program advisor it’s my job to help our online students navigate their way through the program,” Cassie Zahller, MSW Academic Counselor & Data Manager, said. “Since I’m also currently enrolled in the MSW Program as a student, I have that insider perspective. I not only can relate to my students on a more personal level, but I can also share tips and insights, which I think the students really appreciate." 

Recording Events for Students  

Several times throughout the year, the College of Social Work puts on events for social work students. These are often in-person events; however, they don’t forget about students studying from a distance.

“We understand that not every student in our college can attend in-person events, which is why we record them,” Byron Roush, Director of Educational Technology, said. “We make many events from campus available via streaming on Mediasite and YouTube; including career panel discussions and orientation sessions, as well as videos like one that was created last autumn highlighting resources for supporting diverse populations.”

Socializing on Facebook

When you’re a student on campus, you have built in opportunities to stop by the admissions office, chat with staff and interact with other students.

The College of Social Work Admissions team is bringing this same experience to online students through a Facebook group. This online space allows you to ask questions, engage with staff and get to know your peers. As soon as you’re admitted to the program, you’re added to the group.

“As a student of the first online Master of Social Work cohort at The Ohio State University, I feel it has been very beneficial to stay in contact with classmates through the Facebook group,” Alyssa Warner, a student in the MSW program said. “It is an easy way to communicate with everyone at once. Through the Facebook group, I have been able to discuss specific questions with a group of other individuals who are going through the same process. At times, I feel it has allowed for a sense of community in a distance learning environment.”

Live Stream of the Evening of Recognition

Graduation is one of the biggest accomplishments of your life, which is why even if you’re studying at a distance you should still be a part of it. The College of Social Work hosts an annual Evening of Recognition that has become one of its signature events and live streams the evening for both students studying at a distance and for families who might not be able to travel to Columbus.

“This is one of those life moments nobody wants to miss,” Lois Stepney, MSW Program Director said. “Live streaming the Evening of Recognition means that even if you can’t travel to campus, you and your family will have the opportunity to experience it and participate via social media. In addition to the video feed, we show a live feed of Twitter, Facebook and Instagram on the screen during the ceremony to let family and friends send well wishes to those in the auditorium."

Do you want to learn more about our online MSW program? Schedule an information session to talk with an admissions counselor.