Michael Rayo

Assistant Professor
PhD, Cognitive Systems Engineering, The Ohio State University
MS, Cognitive Systems Engineering, The Ohio State University
BS, Chemical Engineering, Case Western Reserve University
BA, Music Performance, Case Western Reserve University

Dr. Rayo’s research focuses on using computational and representational data transformations to design cognitive tools meant to improve overall system resilience over the widest possible range of expected and unexpected conditions. The goal of Dr. Rayo’s lab is to deepen our understanding of multi-agent teamwork and to translate these findings into technology attributes that improve human-machine teamwork. His work is focused on the design of threshold alarms, decision-support technologies, and human-machine teams in healthcare, military, transportation, and power generation settings

Areas of Expertise

Decision sciences


Systems - Complex

Systems - Building and evaluating the performance of computer

Design - Generative

Human-computer interaction

Modeling - Graphical



Music cognition

Intellectual property

Research Interests

Cognitive systems engineering

Human/machine teaming architectures

Visual analytics

Alarm design

Decision-support design

Resilience engineering