Master of Engineering Management

College of Engineering, Max M. Fisher College of Business, John Glenn College of Public Affairs

The Master of Engineering Management online program will enable you to develop a compelling vision and tackle strategic initiatives to create more value within your organization. Students will learn new engineering management and business skills, and also gain a better understanding of policy and the business-government relationship. This program is made possible through a partnership between the College of Engineering, The Fisher College of Business, and the John Glenn College of Public Affairs.

If you're interested in a program with a more specific technical focus, consider the online Master of Global Engineering Leadership.

Campus Requirements: 
NONE — 100% Online
Time to Completion: 
2-3 years

Sample Courses

ENGR 6210

Leadership and Team Effectiveness

Leadership and Team Effectiveness is fundamentally the product of the appropriate application of leadership and management at the group or team level. As such, it is about the student's ability to get things accomplished successfully with others regardless of their position or authority or geographic locations of team members.
ENGR 6220

Financial and Managerial Accounting for Engineers

Provides an overview of the basic topics in financial and managerial accounting. The primary focus will be on helping engineering students understand the meaning of the numbers in financial statements, their relationship to one another, and learning how they are used in planning, decision-making and control towards achieving the objectives of an organization.
ISE 6801

Project Management for Engineers

Provides foundational and advanced project management education in an interactive online learning environment.
ISE 5760

Visual Analytics for Sensemaking

Students learn about information visualization techniques that help people analyze massive amounts of digital data to combat overload and aid sensemaking with applications in retail and financial decision making, logistics, information systems, manufacturing, healthcare, energy and smart grids, cybersecurity and social networks.

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