General Resources


Student ID

As an Ohio State Online student, you may get a digital BuckID, the official identification card of The Ohio State University. Your digital ID will be available through the Ohio State app.

  1. Visit to submit a passport-style photo and government-issued ID. 
  2. Select Ohio State Online on the Program Type drop-down menu.
  3. You will be notified when your application is reviewed. Once approved, your digital ID will be available through the Ohio State app.

Your digital BuckID may be used in situations where you need to confirm your student status, such as to receive a student discount. Read more about how to access your digital BuckID.

The BuckID office will mail physical BuckID cards and nursing badges to nursing students in online programs.

Military & Veteran Services

Military and Veterans Services offers support to active duty military, those in the Guard or Reserve, ROTC, and veterans.  The office also supports families of such groups for services like financial aid (GI Bill®), housing assistance, advising, and priority course scheduling.

Student Conduct

The Code of Student Conduct is administered by the Student Conduct department, and is available for viewing online.

Student Life Disability Services

As an online student, you are offered accessibility resources through Disability Services.

Title IX

Title IX makes it clear that violence and harassment based on sex and gender are Civil Rights offenses. These acts are subject to the same kinds of accountability and support applied to offenses against other protected categories. If you or someone you know has been sexually harassed or assaulted, please consult the appropriate resources on the Title IX website.

University Bookstore

You can purchase your textbooks for class through the University Bookstore. Click on the ‘Buy Books’ link when registering for courses to see what materials your professors require.

Parent and Family Relations

If your parents or family wants to receive up-to-date university news, they can visit the Parent and Family Relations website.

Student Life

As an online student, you’re eligible to participate in Buck-I-Serv trips through The Office of Student Life. You can either travel with other students to the location where an event is taking place, or if a Buck-I-Serv trip is near where you live, you can meet up and participate.