On-Campus Benefits

 If you're in the area, there's plenty to explore on campus. Here are some resources to explore:

Digital Union

All students are welcome to use the amenities at the Columbus campus Digital Unions. A great place to meet, study and work, the Digital Union offers students access to 3-D printing, state of the art video and audio studios, meeting spaces, and more. All resources and assistance are free, with the exception of printing.


All online students are welcome to attend and walk at their graduation ceremony on-campus in Columbus. For more information, talk with your academic advisor.

Off-Campus and Commuter Student Services

If you are an online student looking to make the move to Columbus, the Off-Campus and Commuter Student Services can provide you with housing information for around the Columbus campus area.

Ohio State Alumni Association

As an Ohio State student, one of the biggest perks is the alumni network. Upon graduation, you will join the Ohio State Alumni Association, the largest alumni network for any university worldwide.

Multicultural Center

If you want to become more culturally proficient in your interactions with people of diverse backgrounds, the Multicultural Center provides classes and workshops to help improve your skills.