Select from the options below to determine which program(s) are available in your state. We are working hard to expand the number of states in which each program is authorized. So even if the program you’re interested in is not currently available in your state, it may be in the future.

Important Note: If you are considering an online program that leads to a professional license in a state other than Ohio, we highly recommend that you contact the appropriate licensing agency in your state to seek information and additional guidance before beginning the program. For licensing board contact information, licensure requirements and program approval status, please see the online program disclosures page.

The selected program is available in the following states

Meets or exceeds state standards and is authorized to legally offer distance education through approval or exemption by the state regulatory agency.
Limited Authorization
Please contact Ohio State Online for more information about the limited authorization status in this state.
Program Not Available
Researching required authorizations by the state regulatory agency to legally offer distance education.