Five Things to Do for a Successful Semester

With a new semester right around the corner, you might be looking for ideas on how to stay focused and motivated all the way to finals.

Achieve your educational goals by following our list of five things to do for a successful semester:

1. Prepare your technology

Before you need to log in for your courses, take time to cover your technology bases. Keep your computer or tablet running smoothly by updating software. Prep your phone or tablet by downloading the Canvas app and syncing your Ohio State email. If you plan on using BuckeyeBox, login and set up your folders so they are ready for your first day.

An extensive list of technology resources for Ohio State students is available at

2. Get to know your instructors and fellow students

Even though you will be working remotely, make an effort to get to know those in your courses. Use Carmen or email to reach out to your classmates and instructors. Once you introduce yourself, find a student partner or study buddy for the semester.

3. Develop your routine

Help set expectations for yourself and those around you by defining your school schedule ahead of time. Lay out what your priorities are for the semester by using your syllabuses to identify important course dates, and use a planner or the Calendar feature in Canvas to outline when things are due. At home, create a workspace that is specifically for participating in the online classroom without interruptions.

4. Discover the resources available to you

As an online student, you have access to resources offered by Ohio State. From the Writing Center to wellness coaches, be on the lookout for services you might use during the semester.

5. Relax and practice work-life balance

As break comes to a close, set time aside to relax before school begins again. Catch up on sleep, watch your favorite TV show or spend time with your family. Your brain will thank you!

Now is the time — get ready for the new semester and be ready to face whatever life and school throw your way.