What Can You Do With Swift Coding?


Gain expert knowledge and access a supportive community of learners by learning Swift coding at Ohio State.

If you’re looking to add a new skill to your resume, coding is one of the most marketable skills you can develop. When you register for Ohio State’s Swift Coding and App Development certificate courses, you can learn Swift coding with the flexibility of an online course and still get all the benefits of a real-time instructor and a community of learners. By the end of the full program, you’ll have built your own iOS app to show off your skills to potential employers.  


How Can You Advance Your Career with Swift Coding?

What is Swift? Swift is a versatile programming language used in app development for Apple’s operating systems such as iOS, macOS, and watchOS. Learning Swift can open up opportunities in your current career or give you the skills to branch out to something new. Here are just a few examples of how Swift coding can help advance your career:   

  • Develop your own apps: Swift is used for the creation of apps that run on Apple’s operating systems. With Swift coding skills, you can create your own apps and add them to the App Store. 
  • Build a career in software development: Swift skills are highly marketable, and experience with coding can help you start a job in software development or work as a freelancer building custom iOS apps for clients. Swift is one of the most popular programming languages used in software development.   
  • Get further certification: You can continue on to take the App Development with Swift Certified User exam if you would like to earn certification beyond what you’ll earn for completing each course at Ohio State.


Expert Instruction and Community Support   

When you enroll in Ohio State’s online programming certificate, you’ll get access to an expert instructor who can answer questions, provide feedback and guide you through the course. You can enter the course as a beginner with no prior coding experience. The Swift coding program is organized into three courses of lessons, videos and assessments so you can progress at a pace that works for you. Along the way, your instructor and fellow students will encourage and support you so you can stay on track. The asynchronous structure of the course gives you the flexibility to work more independently if you want. 

This online programming certificate offers space for you to collaborate, share ideas and get feedback on your work. Joining the Buckeye community can also serve as a valuable networking opportunity to connect you with others who have a passion for Swift and iOS app development. 


Meet the Instructor

Ohio State University Swift Coding and App Development instructor Sam Smith
Ohio State Swift Coding Instructor Sam Smith

Sam Smith is a Lead Educational Technologist at Ohio State with over 5 years of programming experience. As the creator and facilitator of the Swift Coding and App Development course series, Sam is dedicated to educating and empowering individuals to excel iOS app development with Swift. In addition to his work in coding education, Sam is also a contributing developer on the Ohio State app, used by over 80,000 people monthly. Sign up for a course with Sam today to start your Swift coding journey. 

Here's what Sam has to say about the Swift Coding and App Development program: 

"A lot of times, one of the toughest parts of coding is trying to figure out where to get started. My goal is to help make that as easy as possible, and to be available to help with your specific questions along the way."

Interested in diving into the world of Swift coding? You can register for the Swift Coding and App Development program now on the Scarlet Canvas website. The courses require the use of Xcode, available on Macbooks and desktop Macs. No coding experience is required. 

Last modified: 
June 23, 2023