Using the GI Bill® for Online Programs

Transitioning from military to civilian life can be a challenge, especially if you are considering going back to school. The GI Bill® makes it easy to fund an online program at Ohio State, but for those unfamiliar with the benefit and college application processes, it can be a daunting experience.

Ohio State Online is committed to serving military and veteran students in their pursuit of higher education. The university has a wide range of resources and services to assist in this undertaking.

"Developing a routine, and staying involved in activities outside of academics is what helped me transition from the military. The GI Bill® can help with that by removing some of the financial burdens." - Codie Rufener, Ohio State Veteran Peer-2-Peer Sponsor, Class of 2019

Get started by downloading the GI Bill® Checklist which will help you navigate all the steps and nuances in applying for the benefit and an online program.

If you have questions about support for military students, contact Ohio State Military and Veterans Services for more information.

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