Jennifer Richardson

Associate Professor
Ph.D. in Art Education and Women's Studies, The Pennsylvania State University
M.S. in Art Education, The Pennsylvania State University
B.A. in Art History, The Pennsylvania State University
Jennifer Richardson is an Associate Professor of Art Education at The Ohio State University and an affiliated faculty member in the Disability Studies Program. Her research explores social and cultural theory including representations of disability in visual culture and particularly the cultural construction of understandings of mental disability through both historical and contemporary representations. She has published in journals including Studies in Art Education, Disability Studies Quarterly, Visual Arts Research, International Review of Qualitative Research, Journal of Literary and Cultural Disability Studies and Art Education. Her artwork explores similar themes related to the representation of mental disability through multimedia installation and video. Dr. Richardson is also a creative writer and the author of both creative nonfiction and poetry. Her 2013 essay published in South Loop Review was nominated for a Pushcart Prize.


  • 2008 Recognition for solo exhibition from Governor Ted Strickland for "artistic vision to break down the stigma against mental illness and substance abuse".
  • 2006 Hoffa Dissertation Award.
  • 1998 The Clyde McGreary Scholarship. .
  • 1998 Robert Rauschenberg Outstanding Teacher Award. .
  • 1997 Creative Achievement Award, Art History. .
  • 1997 Art History Graduation Marshall. .

Book Chapters


  • Dr Jennifer Frances Eisenhauer. 2004. "Mythic Figures and Lived Identities: Locating the "Girl" in Feminist Discourse." In All About the Girl: Power, Culture, and Identity, edited by Anita Harris, New York: Routledge.

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