Where Can Fisher’s Online MBA Take You?


Experiential learning, both at home and abroad, is the foundation of Fisher’s online MBA.

The Online Working Professional MBA (WPMBA) from the Fisher College of Business differs from most online MBA's because, as the acronym implies, the students are already part of the workforce – meaning the WPMBA has different goals than other MBA programs.

“We would like the MBA students to tell us what we can offer them and what is valuable to them. There are about 400 students that all fall into different buckets and are trying to get something different out of the program. Experiential learning is part of how they can differentiate their MBA experience,” Academic Director Steve DeNunzio explains.

Inside the virtual classroom, the Online WPMBA curriculum is application-focused and offers hands-on components like case studies and debates. But Fisher’s experiential learning opportunities extend the content of the online MBA outside of the classroom.

“MBA students want to come to class on Monday night and Tuesday morning they want to apply what they have learned, because they are trying to mix work and school at the same time. It’s our responsibility to teach them practical things,” said DeNunzio.

Even in a virtual format, students get to work on real-life projects through collaborations with peers and industry partnerships. For example, the Online WPMBA program hosts case competitions for their students where top companies like DHL or P&G will present a real-life business problem. The WPMBA also puts an emphasis on bringing in guest speakers who can provide special insight into specific industries students may be interested in.  

In addition to providing valuable industry exposure and opportunities to build experience stateside, the online MBA program offers critical global MBA experiences to students.


Can online students participate in global MBA experiences?

While Fisher’s top-ranked curriculum is a major strength of the online MBA program, the opportunities provided to the students outside the classroom is a major differentiator compared to other online MBA programs. The Online WPMBA offers several unique experiential opportunities for students to apply what they have learned and gain hands-on business experience. Fisher’s WPMBA offers Global Applied Projects, Global Business Expeditions, and the Washington Campus.

  • Global Applied Projects (GAP) are projects offered by multinational companies where students will team up and work together in another country, similar to global internships.

    • Rubia Usmani worked on a clean water initiative Tanzania as part of GAP.

  • Global Business Expeditions (GBE) are shorter study abroad MBA experiences where students can gain important competencies and learn to integrate industry expertise in a global context.

    • Adrienne Williams did a GBE in Singapore and loved it so much she returned the next year on the trip to Prague and Vienna.

  • The Washington Campus is an opportunity for those interested in the political side of business to participate in a week-long immersion in Washington, D.C.

What is a global internship like for an online MBA student?

WPMBA student Suganth Baskaran decided to pursue an experiential learning program to “connect with others in a more frequent and intimate setting and break up the monotony of day-to-day coursework.” Baskaran ended up pursuing the GAP program, that was put in a virtual mode due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Even in an online format, Suganth recalls “there was flexibility, autonomy, and the opportunity to really dive into a company's business problem.” His favorite part of the GAP program was the challenge. The problem was difficult and ambiguous, however he never felt alone throughout the project since his teammates were feeling the same challenges.

“The ability to persevere through the problem with my team was my favorite takeaway from the project,” Baskaran said.

Baskaran also noted the support from his advisor and faculty was vital through the GAP project, as their reassurance guided him and the team throughout the way.


What else can students gain from Fisher’s online MBA?

As faculty members from Fisher College of Business set out to create the best online MBA program they could, they knew preserving the feeling of community was essential. Students can form lasting professional connections through online coursework, global internships and their study abroad MBA experiences.

DeNunzio emphasizes “Even though students are participating in the program online, and may never physically come to campus, we want to offer them events, activities, and still have great student life experiences that help them to enjoy being Buckeyes.” With all the opportunities available inside and outside the classroom, Fisher’s online WPMBA is the best online MBA for students who are looking for a program that is personalized, interactive and meaningful.


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February 16, 2022