Timothy Huerta, PhD, MS

Associate Professor


  • 2015 Myron Fottler Outstanding Service Award.
  • 2014 Excellence in Teaching Award.
  • 2014 Best Doctoral Student Paper Award, Paper entitled: "Insider versus Outsider CEO Succession and Competitive Advantage.
  • 2010 Best Paper Award 2010.
  • 2009 Best Theory to Practice Paper Award 2009.
  • 2000 Division Commander of the Year.
  • 1999 Alumnus of the Year.
  • 1995 Doctoral Forgivable Loan Recipient.
  • 1995 Dean's Merit Scholar.
  • 1994 Alumnus of the Year.
  • 1993 Pi Sigma Alpha Political Science Honor Society.
  • 1992 Entrepreneur Certificate of Appreciation.
  • 1989 Greek Scholar of the Year.
  • 1988 Fall CEDA Debate Champion.
  • 1985 Freshman Honors Scholar in Chemistry.

Book Chapters


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  • 2006. "Systemic Transformational Change in Tobacco Control: An Overview of the Initiative for the Study and Implementation of Systems (ISIS)." In Innovations in Health Care: A Reality Check, edited by Casebeer, Harrison, Annabelle,

Journal Articles


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