Academic Services

Academic Advising

If you are an undergraduate student, an academic advisor will be assigned to you after admission into your program. If you are a graduate student, your college will assign you an advisor.

Career Services

A wide array of Career Services are offered to Ohio State students. From connections to potentials employers and job opportunities to internships to career development support, the resources are extensive. A variety of these resources are available via Buckeye Careers. For further support, keep in mind that many colleges across campus maintain their own career services office. These offices are searchable via the Buckeye Careers site.​

Center for the Study of Teaching and Writing (CSTW)

If you need help with creating and editing a resume, an application, or a paper for class, CSTW provides support via online sessions. Students can receive assistance through 1:1 online consultations or by uploading their paper for a drop off session.

Council of Graduate Students (CGS)

Online students are welcome to join CGS, Ohio State’s student government that represents every graduate student.

Dennis Learning Center

If you want to learn how to become a more successful student, the Dennis Learning Center provides for-credit courses, one-on-one coaching and on-demand content on topics like preventing procrastination, improving study methods and testing anxiety.

English as a Second Language (ESL)

If you’re a non-native speaker of English, our English as a Second Language Program provides opportunities to improve fluency.


University Libraries offers a wealth of resources for your academic pursuits no matter where you study. More than just a building, the library offers remote access to its books, articles and other publications. Subject librarians and digital resources such as citation software are also provided for online student support.

Mathematics and Statistics Learning Center (MSLC)

If you are enrolled in a mathematics and/or statistics course, you are eligible for consultation and support through MSLC.

Testing Center

If you need to take a make-up or national exam, the Testing Center provides testing services for online courses.

Study Abroad

Even as an online student, you have the choice to participate in a majority of the study abroad opportunities offered across the globe.

Swift Coding and App Development Certificate Program

Learn to code and develop apps at home! Ohio State online students can access Digital Flagship Swift Coding and App Development courses for free.