Disclosures and Student Complaints

Important Note for Prospective Students: If you are considering an online program that leads to a professional license in a state other than Ohio, it is highly recommended that you contact the appropriate licensing agency in your state to seek the most up-to-date information and guidance before beginning the program. Ohio State makes every effort to ensure licensure information is current; however, regulations are frequently revised. For licensing board contact information, licensure requirements and program approval status, please see below. 

Do you have questions about professional licensure requirements in your state? Email the State Authorization team.

Student Complaints: Students who are enrolled in an Ohio State course who have a complaint about a course or experience should follow Ohio State’s complaint, grievance, and appeal procedures. If a student is not able to resolve a complaint with the course instructor, department or college, students are encouraged to file a grievance with the office of undergraduate education or the graduate school

If a student located in a State Authorization Reciprocity Agreement (SARA) state has a complaint about Ohio State, complaints must first go through the standard procedure for resolution of student grievances. If a student is not satisfied with the outcome of that process, a complaint involving allegations of fraudulent activity, including the provision of false or misleading information, may be brought to the Ohio SARA portal entity. The SARA portal entity in the state where the student is located will be notified that the complaint was received and may assist as needed. Resolution of the complaint by the SARA portal entity in the institution's home state is final. 

Examples of types of student complaints that may be brought to a SARA portal entity include, but are not limited to, complaints regarding accuracy of job placement data, tuition or fee information, accreditation, whether a program meets licensure requirements, or course transfer information. Grade appeals and student conduct appeals are not allowed under SARA. 

International Enrollments

The Ohio State University works to provide global access to its online degree programs. While we carefully track issues related to international authorization and licensure, it is a student’s responsibility to understand requirements related to whether an online degree will be recognized in a country other than the United States, how the collection of student data may be used in another country, and whether withholding taxes (in addition to the price of tuition) will apply. Some countries may not formally recognize foreign online degrees, which may have implications for students who later seek to enroll in other educational programs, or for those who seek employment with that country’s government or other employers requiring specific credentials.

International students considering an academic program that leads to a professional license should first confirm with the appropriate professional licensing board in their country of residence or the country where they intend to work as to whether an Ohio State online degree will be recognized when seeking licensure or certification.