Shari Savage

Shari Savage

Associate Professor/Undergraduate Education, Teaching & Assessment Chair
MA in Art Education, The Ohio State University
BAE, The Ohio State University
Ph.D. in Art Education, The Ohio State University

Dr. Savage is experienced as a researcher in narrative inquiry and self-reflective auto-ethnography that critically investigates issues of gender in popular culture media. Using arts-based research methods, she extends her scholarship with author-created artworks that serve to illuminate data. Research centered on mentoring in educational settings is also an area of interest. Her scholarship draws from her experiences teaching graduate students in the department’s College Teaching course, undergraduate teacher candidates in the BAE core curriculum-planning class, and Arts-based Research Methods courses. In addition, Dr. Savage supervises and develops curriculum for the department’s popular GE social diversity course 2367.03 Criticizing Television

Shari has presented at numerous national and international conferences and her research has appeared in peer-reviewed publications such as Visual Art Research, Visual Culture and Gender, Studies in Art Education and Art Education journalsShe has authored book chapters in Terry Barrett’s Criticizing Art, and Paul Duncum’s Visual Culture in the Art Classroom. Dr. Savage also reviews for Studies in Art Education, Visual Culture and Gender, Journal of Cultural Research in Art Education, and the International Journal for Education & the Arts. Her arts-based research images are often published alongside her scholarly works, and two art works were selected and exhibited by the Macy Gallery at Columbia University.

Dr. Savage served as a STEP mentor for second-year students at OSU, and also serves as the Undergraduate Education, Teaching & Assessment chair for the Department of Arts Administration, Education & Policy. As Undergraduate Chair, she oversees programming and curriculum for both the BA in Art Education (BAE) and the BA in Arts Management (BAAM). Shari is a Deans Appointee for the Arts & Sciences Curriculum Committee, reviewing and approving curricular and program changes at the university level.

Shari earned a Bachelor of Art Education degree in 1990; an M.A. in Art Education in 2006, and her Ph.D. in Art Education from The Ohio State University in 2009.

Areas of Expertise

  • Critical Analyses of Broadcast Media
  • Teacher Preparation
  • Pedagogy & Curriculum
  • Narrative Inquiry
  • Mentoring


  • 2015 STEP Faculty.
  • 2009 Manuel Barkan Dissertation Fellowship Award.
  • 1990 Excellence in the Arts Award.

Book Chapters


  • 2011. "What do critics say about John Currin?." In Criticizing Art: Understanding the Contemporary, edited by Terry Barrett,


  • 2006. "Analyzing Advertising: Using Denotation and Connotation to Promote Active Seeing.." In Visual Culture in the Art Class: Case Studies, edited by Paul Duncum,

Journal Articles


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