What Can You Do With a Programming Certificate?


You probably already know that coding is an in-demand skill for today's workforce. It's true – one of the best reasons to take coding classes is that they give you valuable skills to take into future jobs. It may be obvious that programmers and app developers need to know code, but did you know that having a programming certificate can help you stand out when applying for a variety of jobs in tech? In today’s tech-obsessed economy, even if a company isn’t creating their own programs and apps, it still needs employees who are comfortable working with technology. 

No matter your background, you can learn to code through Ohio State’s Swift Coding and App Development certificate courses to gain skills you can use in any career. The certificate courses introduce beginners to the basics of Swift programming and will teach you how to create apps so you can confidently interact with app code and developers in the future. For Ohio State students, the courses are free and won’t impact your grades or degree completion time.

Here’s what you need to know before you get started.


What is Swift programming?

Swift is the programming language used by Apple to create iOS apps. You can use Swift to create apps for iPhones, iPads and Macs. Swift has quickly become the main programming language used on Apple systems.


What can you do after taking coding classes?

So, what can you do with a programming certificate once you’ve completed the course? Here are some ways that learning Swift programming and how to create apps can benefit you:


Become an app developer  

Obviously, one of the main things you can do with Swift programming is create apps. Apps are a huge industry; think about how many you probably use on a daily basis! Knowing how to create apps is a valuable skill. You might even have a passion project you want to create outside of work. By building your coding skills you can bring to life an idea you’ve always had, create a tool for a community group or code something you think would improve the world. If you think you might be interested in app development, the Swift Coding and App Development course is a great way to try it out. It's free for Ohio State students, alumni, faculty and staff and self-paced, so you can work on it whenever you have time.


Get another job in tech

Most jobs today have some element of technology involved, whether it’s the technology that helps you do your work or the product you create for a customer. Here are just a few jobs in tech where coding skills and a programming certificate will come in handy.

  • Technical writer – Technical writers often need to explain how a complicated technology product works. Understanding what work goes into coding an app could make it easier for you to understand the experts behind the product and help you explain how it works.

  • User experience (UX) designer – This job bridges the gap between the user and the developer. It’s helpful to understand how coding works so you can more easily give feedback to developers about how to improve the product for the user.

  • Content marketer – If you need to get content seen, you may need to use code to make sure it’s optimized for the format you’ll be using. An understanding of coding principles could also help you to update the website or content management system your client uses.

  • Customer support – When you’re assisting customers with using a product, it can be helpful to understand the technology behind it as you explain how it works or troubleshoot issues.

  • Entrepreneur – Even if you plan to hire employees to do coding for your business, it’s good to have an understanding of the work that goes into it. You’ll have clearer expectations for your team and be better able to ask for exactly what you want.

  • Project manager – A project manager coordinates the work being done on a project and keeps everyone on track. You might not do any coding yourself, but you could work with coders or on an app project and it will be helpful to understand app development.


Learn skills to benefit you in any career

No matter what role you have, coding could help you in unexpected ways. You could write a script to automate part of your work and save time. If you company decides to build its own program or app, you can give better feedback to developers. Earning a programming certificate and learning to code builds your problem-solving and analytical skills, which are helpful in any job.


Get your programming certificate and learn how to create apps  

Has this sparked your interest in coding? Register now for the Swift Coding and App Development certificate. It’s self-paced and completely online so you can take it from wherever you are. 

Last modified: 
May 23, 2022