What Can You Do With a Health Sciences Bachelor’s Degree?


A bachelor's degree in health sciences is a smart choice for anyone who is passionate about the world of healthcare. The broad and flexible degree prepares students for entry-level healthcare jobs or to apply to professional programs in the health sciences. If you want a career that helps people, the health sciences degree is the perfect fit. 

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What is a health sciences bachelor’s degree?

A bachelor's degree in health sciences prepares students for entry-level roles in healthcare administration, medical or pharmaceutical sales, and other health-related services. The health sciences degree – which is sometimes referred to as a “pre-med major” – can also prepare students to apply for and enter graduate and professional programs in medicine, dentistry, physical therapy, occupational therapy, and others.

For students who are not interested in continuing to a graduate or professional program, health science graduates with a bachelor’s degree can find careers as health educators, health services managers or other healthcare administration jobs.


How does the health sciences degree prepare you for medical school?

For students dreaming of a career in medicine, the health sciences degree is one of the best majors for pre-med. According to the School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences at The Ohio State University College of Medicine, the online Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences is the ideal program for students interested in graduate or professional programs because “the directed electives and the flexibility of the program allow students to select coursework that will best meet the pre-requisites of the graduate or professional program of their choice.”


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Why should you consider an online health sciences degree?

Healthcare is rapidly changing. There is a critical need for broadly educated graduates with extensive knowledge of healthcare and service-related topics. The online bachelor’s degree is flexible and can prepare graduates for a wide range of rewarding careers in the healthcare field. 

With coursework in health promotion and disease prevention, as well as training in medical ethics and insight into healthcare disparities, health sciences graduates will be prepared for healthcare jobs that require them to interact with and care for diverse patient populations. 

Additionally, the Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences from Ohio State is consistently ranked as one of the best online degrees in the nation, according to U.S. News & World Report. 

Finally, the flexibility of the online health sciences degree at Ohio State is a huge advantage for working students. The program relies on an asynchronous learning model, which means that you can schedule courses around your work schedule and complete projects at times that work best for you.


Healthcare administrators, one example of a career in health science, consult in a conference room.


How much do health sciences graduates earn?

The range for health sciences salaries varies depending on if you pursue an entry-level healthcare administration or medical/pharmaceutical sales job right after graduation, or if you decide to earn a graduate or professional degree after your bachelor's degree.


Healthcare administration jobs

Health sciences graduates who do not plan to obtain a professional degree may enjoy careers in healthcare administration, in roles that support and manage the operation of healthcare facilities. Healthcare administration jobs that do not require an advanced degree include:

  • Healthcare Interpreters 

  • Corporate Wellness Specialists 

  • Volunteer Managers 

  • Health Education Specialists 

  • Nursing Home Administrator 

  • Health Information Management Director 

Healthcare administration salaries vary depending on your role. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, health education specialists, for example, can expect to earn $55,220 a year on average. As you advance through the ranks at your organization in the medical and health services management field, you could earn $100,980 a year on average.


Medical or pharmaceutical sales jobs

Another option for health sciences graduates is a medical or pharmaceutical sales role. These roles require technical or scientific knowledge in order to inform and educate others about their products. Medical and pharmaceutical sales jobs could have the following titles:

  • Pharmaceutical Sales Representative 

  • Sales Representative 

  • Sales Manager 

  • Inside Sales Representative 

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, medical and pharmaceutical sales representatives can expect to earn $81,020 a year on average.


Attending graduate or professional school

The salaries for students who attend graduate or professional school vary greatly too. Let's look at Physician Assistant roles. Physician Assistants are medical professionals with graduate-level training (not to be confused with bachelor’s-prepared Certified Medical Assistants). Under supervision, Physician Assistants might perform many of the same healthcare services as a physician and can expect to earn $112,260 per year. On the other hand, Family Medicine Physicians – who have attended medical school and earned their M.D. – might earn $205,590 per year.



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August 19, 2022