School Nurse Professional Pupil Services Licensure Certificate

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This undergraduate certificate is designed for Ohio Registered Nurses with a bachelor’s degree who are looking to meet the requirements for the School Nurse Professional Pupil Services License through the Ohio Department of Education, as well as expand their knowledge and skills in promoting school health and wellness in grades K-12. This 100 percent online certificate includes examining standards, services and strategies to promote health in schools. A culminating field experience in an Ohio school is required. Core content will cover the roles, responsibilities and skills needed to promote health in schools. Assignments will promote a state, national and global understanding of the scope and resources to promote school health based on existing standards and evidence-based practice. RNs who are not seeking the Ohio Department of Education School Nurse Professional Pupil Services License are encouraged to apply to the Nursing in School Health Services Certificate program.

Ready for your next step? Students who complete this certificate may be interested in the Master of Science in Nursing program.

Campus Requirements: NONE – 100% online

Class Format: Classes are asynchronous, meaning you can attend on your own time.

Credit Hours Required: 12

Cost Per Credit Hour: $514.58 (includes instructional and general fees). See the full cost breakdown here.

Admission Requirements: Applicants must have an active and unrestricted RN license, a completed bachelor's degree, and a cumulative GPA of 2.5 or higher.

Time to Completion: 2 - 4 semesters (1 - 2 years)


Sample Courses

Nursing 3115

School Health Roles and Responsibilities (Asynchronous)

Introduction to the scope of roles and responsibilities of individuals providing school health services locally and globally within school and community settings. Consideration of regulatory directives, health goals and resources. Analysis of skills and factors used to promote healthy school environments.
Nursing 3116

Management of School Health Services (Asynchronous)

Overview of the strategies for promoting school health on a daily, weekly and annual basis focusing on health promotion and disease prevention.
Nursing 3117

Children with Special Needs in Schools (Asynchronous)

School health services for children with special needs based on best evidence. Interdisciplinary, legislative and professional aspects considered.
Nursing 3118

Practicum in School Nursing (Asynchronous and in-person practicum)

Supervised school nurse field experience in an Ohio school setting applying the roles and responsibilities of a school nurse according to state and national standards.

Featured Faculty

Headshot of Jeanie Bochenek, Assistant Professor of Clinical Practice for Ohio School Nurse Certification Online
Assistant Professor of Clinical Practice
Headshot of Susan Praeger, Associate Professor of Practice for Ohio School Nurse Certification Online
Associate Professor of Practice

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