Master of Dental Hygiene

College of Dentistry
The College of Dentistry has developed a curriculum to prepare students for careers in dental hygiene education and leadership.

The MDH program focuses on individualized educational and field experiences, combined with a substantive core curriculum that gives dental hygienists the knowledge and experience to teach in a dental hygiene program. This program is designed for students who are licensed dental hygienists and who have earned a bachelor’s degree. The courses expand dental hygiene knowledge, education methodology, research analysis, and provide the theory and practice of laboratory, pre-clinical and clinical dental hygiene instruction. 

Campus Requirements: 
NONE — 100% Online
Sarah Youssef
Sarah Youssef
Program Graduate
"Ohio State prepared me to enact change in my community as I help foster the next generation of dental hygienists."

Sample Courses


Advanced Dental Hygiene Educational Theory and Methods

This course is the study of theory, principles and research related to the faculty role in active teaching and learning, critical thinking, development of curricular framework, outcomes and course delivery methods found in dental hygiene education.

Introduction to Dental Research Designs

Conceptual and technical problems in the development and implementation of clinical, behavioral and basic science research projects related to dentistry.

Statistical Analysis and its Application to Dental Hygiene

Conceptual foundation of statistics related to basic, clinical and behavioral dental science

Instructional Strategies in Dental Hygiene Education

This course explores theories and concepts on the teaching of dental hygiene students including technological advances in classroom teaching.

Featured Faculty

Joen Iannucci
Professor - Clinical
Rachell Kearney, Associate Professor
Associate Professor

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