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The Master of Arts (MA) in Bioethics degree is an innovative and interdisciplinary program offered by The Ohio State University's College of Medicine. With no residency requirements, this program is available entirely online to healthcare professionals, research scientists, legal and policy professionals, graduate students, and others. Through small classes with meaningful access to Ohio State faculty and other leading experts in bioethics, this program is a progressive and intuitive way to engage the ethical questions and puzzles prominent in the diverse realms of medicine, healthcare, biomedical research and life sciences. The course offerings allow for students to focus on clinical medical ethics, research ethics and other areas of bioethics. Students can complete the degree in as quickly as one year if attending full-time or extend the educational process to meet their career and life demands by attending part-time. The core program goals are: 

  • To identify common moral problems and ethical issues in research, medicine, healthcare, and the life sciences
  • To distinguish ethical questions from scientific and/or legal questions
  • To contribute towards moral research & healthcare policies informed by both empirical & theoretical scholarship in bioethics 
Campus Requirements: 
NONE — 100% Online
Courtney Thiele
Courtney Thiele
"The courses present a rich exposure to the history and theory of bioethics. Our primary focus is to equip you practically to be a leader."

Sample Courses


Theory and Foundations of Bioethics

Philosophical survey of the moral foundations of contemporary bioethics theories and health care policies.

Biomedical Research Ethics

Examination of importance of ethics in research concerning advanced biomedical sciences, public regulation, and more.

Clinical Bioethics

Exploration of major clinical ethical issues confronting the practices of medical and biomedical science.

Bioethics, Health Law & Public Policy

Examination of constitutional foundations of health care law applicable to pertinent legal issues in contemporary healthcare and biomedical science.

Featured Faculty

Ryan Nash
Director, The Ohio State University Center for Bioethics and Medical Humanities
Ashley Fernandes
Associate Director, Center for Bioethics and Medical Humanities

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