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The Department of Slavic and East European Languages and Cultures’ Essential Skills for Travel and Business in Russia Certificate provides students with basic communicative skills to satisfy needs in a limited number of everyday travel and business situations, as well as cultural competency to better navigate interactions in Russia. The certificate is ideal for those traveling to Russian for extended business dealings or for those who want to take extended tourism trips to Russia. This program is offered at the undergraduate and graduate levels.

Campus Requirements: 
NONE — 100% Online
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Dr. Yana Hashamova
Professor, Department Chair
"Whether you’re a business traveler to Russia or going for the first time as a tourist, you’ll feel more confident and prepared to handle any new encounter with the basic language skills and cultural competency you’ll acquire in this certificate."

Sample Courses

Russian 2335.99

Magnificence, Mayhem, and Mafia: Russian Culture

Through an analysis of literature, films, and the visual arts, we will learn about Russia and the USSR in the twentieth century and its impact on the world; try to understand the present of post-Soviet Russia; and imagine Russia in the future.
Russian 2200

Russian Language and Culture for Travel and Business

During this course students will gain a general knowledge of Russian every-day cultural etiquette, as well as Russian business culture. This course is conducted in English for one-credit hour. Students who take it for two credit hours will learn the alphabet and a limited number of important survival and business-centered phrases in Russian.
Russian 1101.61

Elementary Russian I

As an introduction to Russian language, this course will focus on the development of skills in speaking, understanding, reading, and writing contemporary Russian in a cultural context.

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Professor, Department Chair
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Professor, Undergraduate Studies Chair

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