Open Learning Courses

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Through Ohio State’s massive open online courses (MOOCs), you have the opportunity to gain valuable knowledge that could benefit your career or inspire you to continue with formal education through our online degree and certificate programs.

The benefits of participating in an Ohio State MOOC go beyond the convenience of learning online. You join a growing online community where you can foster relationships and create interactions that are vital to the learning process.

Sample Ohio State Open Courses

Foundations of Evidence-based Practice in Healthcare

This course will provide a foundational overview of evidence-based practice (EBP) in nursing and health sciences, including the seven steps of the EBP process as well as research supported strategies for implementing EBP in real world settings.

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Infection Prevention 101 for Public Spaces

Infection Prevention 101 for Public Spaces educates participants on how infections are spread through public spaces and provides knowledge on how to clean and disinfect to prevent the spread of infectious diseases in public spaces.

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Humanitarian Engineering

Humanitarian engineering is the creation of technologies that help people. This free, self-paced course that covers covered include poverty, underdevelopment, sustainability, culture, social justice, development strategies, engineering for community development, and analytical methods.

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Social Media in Public Health

This online self-study course introduces public health professionals to digital citizenship including social networking, social media, digital literacy and their potential applications in public health.

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