Ohio State's Online Undergrad Programs Ranked #1

The exact formula is a secret. We have some ideas, however, about how U.S. News and World Report came to name The Ohio State University the best for online undergraduate education.

Ohio State’s programs are taught by the same faculty who teach on campus—online learners don’t get a second-string experience. The courses have a small student-to-instructor ratio, and each faculty member works with an instructional designer; an expert in taking the best parts of an instructor’s style and reshaping them for a technology-rich modality. Ohio State’s current undergraduate portfolio is small—a sign of commitment to quality over quantity. With only three undergraduate degrees programs so far, online offerings will continue to grow at a steady but thoughtful pace.

Ohio State works hard to reduce the cost to degree for every student, replacing expensive textbooks with customized learning content that’s free or close to it. Online learners at Ohio State have robust technology support, academic resources and community building opportunities.

Those are our best guesses. Our facullty support the core of the quality of learning online at Ohio State. See what they have to say: 

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