How to Prepare for Proctoring

The middle of the semester comes around and you know what that means: midterms. You’ve put in hours of study time, emailed your professor to clarify things you don’t understand, and you’re finally ready to sit down and ace your exam. It’s time to use one of The Ohio State University’s proctoring solutions.

You may still feel a little apprehensive about proctoring, and that’s okay! It feels weird to have a person watch you take your exam, but the experience doesn’t have to be as weird as you think. Just as you take time to prepare for your exam, take time to prepare to be proctored. One of Ohio State’s proctoring experts, Mike Stumpf, Program Coordinator in the Student Testing Center, encourages students do everything they need to make their experience a good one.

“We see students come in that are nervous about their test, about being watched, or about the space in general, and we want them to know that feeling is perfectly normal,” Stumpf said. “Our goal is to make the students feel as comfortable as possible so they can successfully complete their test.”

There are plenty of steps you can take to get ready for the big day. If you are located near Ohio State, Stumpf suggests visiting the in-person testing center before the day of your exam to help get comfortable with the space.

“Students can sit in our chairs, test out the locker system, and get the lay of the land,” Stumpf said. “We’re always open, so students can feel free to experience the environment before they come in for their test.”

If you’re using an online proctoring service, talk to your professor and check out the service ahead of your test. Understanding expectations of those teaching your course and the proctoring service is one way to set yourself up for success. The expectations may include:

  1. Knowing the time frame for when you’re allowed to take the assessment and scheduling accordingly
  2. Knowing what resources or materials you are allowed to use during the assessment (class notes, calculator, graph paper, etc.)
  3. Understanding what is allowed to be in the room with you during the examination (a friend, your text book, a television, etc.)

While it may feel weird to be proctored, you have the power to make the experience a good one. Be prepared and ace your exam, even with a stranger watching you. Looking to find out more about proctoring at Ohio State? Read our Proctoring 101 story and get the answers you’re looking for.