Getting Help to Pay for Your Online Degree

You know the curriculum. You’re familiar with the technology you need. Your schedule is in order for the commitment of an online degree program. Now, how will you pay for it? Ohio State Online students have support and transparency every step of the way.

Some important things you need to know to get started:

  1. All United States residents and graduate students (international or U.S. residents) pay in-state tuition. That means students who live outside of Ohio receive a much lower rate than they would pay for an on-the-ground program.

  2. Tuition varies by program and the number of credits you are enrolled in.

  3. Since you won’t use campus-based services as an online learner, you won’t be charged fees for offerings like the bus system, student activity programs and the fitness center.
  4. There is a distance education fee you will have to pay to cover the costs of providing online learning with advanced technology. Ohio residents pay $100 while non-residents pay $300, notably lower than what traditional students pay in campus-based fees.
  5. As an Ohio State Online student, you have access to financial services such as financial aid packages, the Student Service Center, and consultations offered by Scarlet and Gray Financial. These are the experts who can connect you to grants and scholarships, help you complete the FAFSA and more.
  6. Online students are able to apply for federal financial aid like traditional students, as Ohio State complies with state authorization requirements outside of Ohio.

A Student’s Story

For Elaina Migliore, a student in our online RN to BSN program, a change in plans set her on an unexpected search for financial aid to continue her education at Ohio State.

“I originally worked at the Ohio State’s Wexner Medical Center, which helped with tuition assistance. But my husband and I made the decision to move from Columbus to Canton, which meant losing that assistance,” Migliore said.

After moving, Migliore applied for financial aid. She received a loan and a scholarship through the College of Nursing, which together cover the cost of her tuition completely. Migliore said it’s been easier to access financial aid as a graduate online student than during her time as an undergraduate.

“I’m amazed at what is available to me being an online student at Ohio State,” Migliore said. “There was an orientation presented by the College of Nursing to help us navigate financial aid and other topics, and we are guaranteed a certain amount of financial aid and are able to request more if needed.”

As a nontraditional student with multiple commitments outside of the classroom, Migliore said it’s been comforting to know that she is eligible for financial assistance even as an online student. Through this experience, she felt completely supported by the College of Nursing and Ohio State Online.

With the ability to access financial aid, scholarships, and grants, money doesn’t have to be a barrier to receiving your education. Learn more about the total cost of your degree and apply for one of our online programs today.